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Great article and superb collection of quotes. The one that stood out most to me was John Locke's comments: "Whenever the legislators endeavor to take away and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are THEREUPON ABSOLVED FROM ANY FURTHER OBEDIENCE." Rather than fleeing to "safer" states to escape tyranny and reclaim more freedom via running from tyranny, people must understand that this is only a temporary relief and if things are left unchecked in the places from which they fled, the tyranny will increase unchecked and metastasize and will eventually overtake all parts of the country. Then where do you run? The key to ending this tyranny is to remain where you are and DO NOT COMPLY, first small things, then larger things, and do this continually. You have to spread the truth in small ways that are digestible to the uninformed and unaware. A lot of small actions lead to larger successes and this spreads. These ideas lead to the great Samuel Adams quote: "It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate,tireless minority, keen on setting brush fires of freedom in the minds of men" and equally Margaret Mead's comment "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." I would argue that perhaps it was a not a terribly large group of equally committed but evil people in the world who have tirelessly worked to make the negative changes we are increasingly living under right now. They did this in small but continual ways and it was right under our noses that it happened while not enough people noticed. This global control movement started incrementally, and involved relatively few people, but then it spread and involved larger and larger groups of people over time. So similarly, to counter this it first takes a group of awake, aware and committed citizens to work tirelessly to halt this global movement of power, control and ultimate slavery. As more and more increasingly aware and similar minded people observe and see this, they will join in. It starts at the local level. It doesn't have to be via enormous groups of people demonstrating in ways that can get out of control and be squashed by their currently more powerful opponents. Small groups of opponents who are spread throughout all parts of the country can ultimately become powerful enough to stop the bad players and their plans.

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That is quite a teaser! Thank you for a very insightful and useful article in a series I will look forward to following just as I look forward to developing new skills in the resistance effort. I agree with diversity of approach towards the common goal we all share: To be left alone by governments and elites to live our own lives and not the ones they try to make us live.

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It's interesting to read a longer piece from you.

I was left unclear as to whether you feel you know this loophole.

Whether the article is intended as a call to action/ideation, sharing information, a riddle or horoscope. The use of so many quotes and calls to the author's authority do come off a bit propaganda like; but I also appreciate they could be being used as short cuts for your readers.

I agree with much of what you say. If it's a riddle or soliciting opinions. I would venture that free will is the loophole and not engaging with the system as the best first action; followed by real world experiments in attempting to 'deprogram' people, something along the lines of Solomon Ach might do it. Would be cheap, could be done by volunteers and run out of friendly businesses. If something works, roll it out.

Keep making people think brother.

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Hi Mello,

I think your Substack is brilliant.

I have been moaning to an awake friend about there being a general focus on the virus and the injections, and missing the big picture.

"Do not underestimate the will, determination, dreams, convictions, and desperation of other humans, even if they are your enemies." Great writing!

Currently the NWO cabal have not much let their mask slip and have kept their gloves on.

They are playing a long game and part of their pleasure will be prolonging the game, trying out the scenarios that they have modelled.

Currently we are like the fly in Katherine Mansfield's story, where it is pushed back in the tea and then crawls out, to be pushed back in again and struggle out again, until it can't.

The zealots, the sycophants, the greedy, will overplay their hand as they are bloated with the easy success at subduing the populace. We too will attack when cornered.

Much of the plan is on their website, but quoting it is to be called a conspiracy theorist. Yet many of the articles on it slot easily into MSM.

Glad I found your Substack!

I am not really wishing people a Happy New Year, well, not without provisos.

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This mass psychosis is real. The mask is the perfect example. It does not prevent disease but I know people who you can show them the box of the masks and it states it does not prevent transmission - but they mandate it anyways in their small business. These people will willingly walk into the concentration camps and be exterminated. They are used as tools of propaganda to spread fear by their compliance. The key in my mind is how to get others to stop complying with the insanity and make those who are numb followers of the horde to feel like an outsider. Only 10-20% of the population will actually be able to be critical thinkers who aren't swayed by the propaganda but see the phenomena and the systems behind it. The narrative is failing already. Even in China people can use VPN's to access information the government restricts on the great firewall. people will only wake up in general once enough of those who are blind start to suffer and realize they've been had.

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Although excellent, way to long. We need to get the point across as succinctly as possible. People today have the attention span of a fart on a motorcycle.

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You need a proofreader or editor. Your inprecise use of commas and other punctuation diminishes otherwise excellent prose and screws up the rhythm of sentences.

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Hi, very similar thought processes. Currently, I'm exploring the coward route and leaving UK for Mexico.

General social-media sentiment analysis shows people further away from the equator are unhappier, and I observe they're clearly more highly strung. Antidepressant doses are much higher too. Also a big factor to depression is living remote areas, so I'd also be looking to be near a town or city.

The "Theory Of The Firm" generally dictates that things that are too big will slow down to the point they're ungovernable or implode. So I think the whole current NWO thing will go through some spasms post-covid. Although they seemingly achieved so much of their plan, I think it will break up. This may take a while, so being somewhere happier and sunnier for a few years whilst the good ship progress rights itself is my bet.

I realise I could be wrong and like you say not remaining an annoyance here could mean quicker capitulation of a bigger state, more quickly. But counter to that looking at Florida and Texas in the US and people are migrating and those states are flourishing at the expense of Calizuela and NewYorkPrison. That could lead to tide-turning in and of itself.

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Perhaps that loophole is our belief in God? Or spirituality? Or in a power greater than ourselves? I think your China clue points to that direction? Look forward to more thoughts from you on that. NWO is working hard to destroy our belief in family, faith and flag.

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A follower on twitter, I just joined your substack. I wonder if the little loophole is connected to the fact that mass hypnosis and the relentless focus on too narrow a signal is a good definition of insanity, and all insane regimes eventually collapse in on themselves, no exceptions.

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"Is there any hope to turn things around? For the “old normal” to return? No, the “old normal” is not coming back, but it is possible to stop the emergence of a global technocratic prison that our “saviors” are building for all of us. It is possible to stop all the things they proclaim that inevitably will happen in the future and will influence our new way of life."

I disagree. This is like saying, we were driving down a paved road, were forced onto the gravel shoulder; with the very real possibility of going off the road completely, and down into the ditch or adjacent field; and having to forever remain on the shoulder, rather than steering back onto the paved road.

"So, what will it take to regain and rebuild what we have already lost?" If not the 'old normal', what is it you hope to regain/rebuild ???

Other than this, I agree with your overall assessment of the situation.

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So glad I found you via a link of “must follows” from Monica Hughes’ substack! Been following you for quite awhile on Twitter, and have always appreciated your threads with their insights and calm deliberation of important topics. Looking forward to keeping up with you here. I occasionally get onto Twitter at times, but substack has turned out to be the place I was always unknowingly looking for as a virtual “home”.

As far as what the loophole might be, the only guess I can hazard is that it might be related to working our way from the bottom up in fighting for our freedoms instead of from the top down? There are a couple guys I follow on Twitter who have this take and it seemed more likely to accomplish the end goal rather than all out civil war in the streets, which I can’t in good conscience align with anyway. Yet I can sense something other in your intriguing hints….

I shall endeavor to compose myself and await further articles outlining this.

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Well said. Maybe the answer to your title question is: the Antichrist. 🤔

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What a pisser. I am not amused. You write all this, I take the time to read all this, you offer a "loophole", then wait... I'll get back to you, like this is some sort of a parlor game.

High minded philosophical board game bullshit. Color me underwhelmed with your inability to come to a logical conclusion, at least one that is perceptible to me.

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Is the loophole money or dropping out of the suveillance state? Because the Chinese have the Digital Currency and social credit system.

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