WOW WOW WOW .. my eyes were open but honestly I could never have explained it so meticulously and precisely as this. Outstandingly accurate, I am simply in awe. My head has been aching in bewilderment just on how so many people have succumb to blindly follow in hoards to be jabbed with this poison and allow themselves to stand for hours to be tested for systems they don’t have or once before would realize it to be a cold or influenza., and the truth of people I once trusted or thought to be very wise, smart, intellectual, intelligent, principled, ethical and moral have disappointed, hurt and angered me. I have been astonished by so many people that I once believed to be just as I stated and have fallen prey and seduced by these evil perpetrators. I thank you for the clarity in which you have given me to understand why, and I must honestly say I was among the mass in the very beginning but I know through pray that my eyes were opened and with continued pray Our Lord has provided me with more truths. This is a very scary time we are living but I firmly believe that through Christ Our Lord, as He said in John 8:32 “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” .. I will make straight the path for you.

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Yikes. The explanatory power of your analysis is staggering.


-people believed the false story & didn't/don't realize that they're being deceived

-a completely unprecedented *betrayal of trust* as sitting at the core of everything

-how this is a globally coordinated betrayal

-vaccines/vaccine passports as trojan horses... of the pharmaceutical industry... of those seeking to merge state & corporate power on a global scale

- the key role of marketing & the media

- linking the 'madness of crowds' phenomenon with the very-specific reality of the enormous amount of trust & support people have had/have for this kind of medical intervention

- whether these trojan horses are by design or by accident not mattering

-the simple fact of 'betrayal' as what matters

-the inevitable consequences of this betrayal of our trust in the key institutions which have created the taken-for-granted realities of our lives

-how a time of peace & prosperity has left most of us completely unprepared.

I entered these substacks wanting to put together the puzzle pieces of what's happening, so that i could figure out how to act. This analysis was the key piece I was needing. I will act by sharing your article with people, who, if they aren't already existentially/analytically here, might get here by this.

So much depends upon a red wheelbarrow. Thank you for this amazing piece.

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Quite a long read, but well worth it. Early I promised a longer comment. Since I got here from one of Mathew Crawford's "roundingtheearth.substack" posts, here were my thoughts on Mathew's "My Early Treatment Testimonial, Part 2" post, which I think are relevant here as well:

It's quite difficult to accept that the entire medical establishment is corrupt and trying to kill you, an integral part of the most corrupt empire in recorded history. How could all those people we had always looked up to, who had dedicated their lives to helping people and saving lives, possibly be involved with something so evil? It wasn't hard to accept a pocket of incompetence uncovered by Erin Olszewski (https://www.bitchute.com/video/3ivASg6BHp1y/); the capture of WHO and Anthony Fauci by Bill Gates and Big Pharma, exposed by the Eastern Virginia Medical School and FLCCC; and the capture of virtually all of corporate media by those same evil elites. After all, we had learned of the lies and government involvement in all the assassinations of the '60s, the Vietnam War, Iran-Contra, April Glaspie and Desert Storm, WMD and Iraq part 2, Libya and Syria. We could accept corruption at the pinnacle of authority, but surely our own trusted physicians, with whom we had a decades long, seemingly personal relationship, would do what's best for us. Yes, of course some would be ignorant, so I read up about zinc and zinc ionophores, Dr. Zelenko, vitamins C and D. My physician had endorsed a vitamin D supplement, and about that time I tested out at 43 mg/mL. I did a bit more investigation and learned Fauci was taking 6,000 IUs/day, so I did the same and am now > 60 ng/mL.

The first inkling I had that my faith in the medical profession in general was unwarranted was when I asked my Mayo Clinic internist at the end of 2020 whether he'd be willing to prescribe either HCQ or IVM should I become ill with Covid-19. After several days delay, no doubt consulting with the hierarchy, he dodged the question and told me treatment would be up to "the treatment team." That made me uncomfortable, but the Clinic had repaired a hernia, saved me from a PE, cancer and a heart attack. I investigated telemedicine and got prophylactic IVM through that route. When 6 mos. later, I heard Dr. Ardis describe how Remdesevir and ventilators had become "standard of care," I was skeptical. Then I heard Dr. Vliet describe how difficult it had been to force Mayo to continue IVM or discharge a patient, so I investigated Mayo's website on Covid-19 and discovered they were indeed using Remdesevir. About the same time I learned that, through a "carrot and stick" approach, CMS has forced virtually all hospitals and clinics to adopt Remdesevir and ventilation, just as Dr. Ardis had said. Finding it difficult to get more IVM through telemedicine, I ordered HCQ, IVM and doxy OTC from India and started an HCQ prophylactic at the start of flu season.

I continue my journey, no longer an advocate of Medicare for All, unable to support either Democrats, Trump or most Republicans because of foreign/military policy, and Empire (whether globalist or US-centric as Trump wants). The Western system is deeply corrupt, far more corrupt than any "banana republic" at which we point our collective fingers, be it Venezuela, Nicaragua or even El Salvador. I pray for US collapse and a restoration of the values of the Founders in some small group of states or localities.

That completes my post at roundingtheearth. Since mellob33 hints at how we need to change the system if we ever defeat this juggernaut, I'll add that I think we need to focus on the professed ideals of the Revolution embodied in the Bill of Right. I think that's something that can unite and galvanize the people once they see the crime and betrayal. If we ever have a chance to rebuild, we need to institute additional checks and balances that make it more difficult to violate those rights in the future, especially by corporate entities, which MUST be understood to be creatures of the State. It would help to remind people that the Revolution was as much a revolt against the East India Company (chartered by the Crown) as it was against the Crown itself.

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Your discussion of trust and betrayal fills in for me the missing piece in Desmet's Mass Formation.

The scale of the betrayal was so vast that it took me a year and a piece by Dr. Mike Yeadon before I had the courage to think the unthinkable. It is terrifying to come face-to-face with such massive betrayal, as it takes away the ground under one. Thank you for naming it.

I eagerly await your pulling back the curtains on who's running all of this.

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Amazingly thorough and insightful analysis, Mello . . . thank you! In addition to the social conditions (isolation, lack of sense-making, free-floating anxiety, and lack of meaning) that Mattias Desmet has laid out as contributing to mass formation, the dynamics of trust and betrayal seem central to the challenge of undoing such mass formation. It's a conundrum every which way . . . how to persuade people who are on the edge to begin with that they're being (or have been) led over a cliff. This calls for extraordinary sensitivity on the part of anyone standing outside that mind-set . . . how not to push people into shame, defensiveness, or deeper panic by pulling back the curtain on what we see as happening. And how can those efforts be approached from a perspective of compassion rather than condescension? This seems like the challenge of the ages at every level, and I'm just grateful to and for everyone who's facing into that. Thank you for the work you're doing.

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Great work Mello.

Life for many doesn't seem much different, as they have not seen themselves as prey in the trap. They have adjusted to the masks and nonsense, and look forward to their weekends.

Here in Ardern Archipelago, many Maori are resisting as they never trusted the institutions, and this coercion reeks of colonialism. Some elders have been bribed with money to get injectees, and then to push the "to save grandma" guilt.

Many Christians are also awake, as they have put their trust in God, so are not bereft of belief when they see the treachery of the government.

Unfortunately the MSM is making it a class thing, and people comply to maintain their status, for fear of facing the void alone.

I have gone alone to protests and found strong groupings of Maori and Christians.

Eastern European NZers are also speaking up, and when I hear their accents I know what they are going to warn me about.

Unlike you Mello, I do want to know more about the "why". I assume that the cabal thinks that they have a great idea, and unlike average people who might have some world re-order ideas over the dinner table, these people have the money to carry them out, and thus enjoy the fun as their game plan plays out.

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I keep on waking up and hoping it isn't as bad as I suspect, but this is all nails and coffins now. For a while I've been wondering if we were all in one giant "go" game. Given the illusion of choice. Of being a white or black piece. Vax or Unvax. Citizen, dissenter. The eternal pitting against each other. The problem lies in agreeing to be on the board, while we're all being played for power and profit.

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"The more trust you put in someone, the greater the pain and harder it will be to accept when something goes terribly wrong. And when deep trust is involved, and betrayal occurs, one of the many consequences of that is a complete denial of what just happened."

This seems to be a stumbling block for so many who see the truth and cannot grasp the level of emotional pain and grief required to reconcile the betrayal that misplaced trust inflicts once it's acknowledged. The whole post is a wonderful examination of a complex situation, thank you. :~)

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Bravo. Your mind is a disciplined wonder to behold. You have said what has been needing to be said, in the manner it expressly needed to be said. You give me hope that we may yet get through to the others currently so entranced. For what is needed most is their acknowledgement that they too are a part, a most significant part indeed of this same history, the living it part. The actionable part.

My most sincere thanks to you.

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That was brilliant. I wishI had written it. I am delighted to discover you. I am in the same ballpark and writing psychological analyses of what is going on. I hold NPR responsible for captivating my progressive intellectual academic friends who have learned to trust them as a reliable source for decades, also Democracy now and the Nation etc. I think they are Stanley MIlgram's professors in the lab coats who people have no reason to distrust. I have been thinking about work fo psychoanalyst Chris Bollas on the Structure of Evil on a study of serial murderers who are engaged through their visits in a traumatic reenacting of their own should murder as children. The abuser gains trust and makes promises to enrtrap them. The victim is an "airhead" naive and trusting. I also find especially valuable the concept of mystification described here.

The Vaccine Passport and the Dynamics of Domination


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What gets me is that prior to CV19, people in Australia did not believe the government, the lying politicians nor the media, esp. the govt. paid-for radio station/TV; now they devour it all 24/7 as if it is all truth, trusted truth, like the trusted ID legislation passed or ready to be passed.

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👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Brilliant!

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Excellent piece!!

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Excellent analysis, Mello. It explains in part why good people do bad things. And that collectively, we've put our trust in an abusive parent relationship with the corrupt corporate-owned state. And as you say, when people wake up to the betrayal they will be pissed. Absolutely so. The elite need to be held accountable, which is something they are very good at not doing. Slippery snakes, the lot of them! It's up to us now. We are the ones that will save us, no one else, no cavalry, no great leader.

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Thank you so much! I am going to share this with many people.

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A wonderful analysis I will need to read a few times. I've read a lot of agenda 21 documents, as well, as agendas on weforum.org and they certainly back up what is written here.

Even the rulers don't want to admit what they are doing: https://newtube.app/Believe_it/ZFDSset

I wonder why?

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